İstanbul Windsurf School

We are in istanbul. We teach windsurfing.
Istanbul is very good for learning windsurfing …
Perfect for different wind power, different locations, return to the starting point and advanced trainings …
Iwc Istanbul Windsurf Center; It serves in Caddebostan-Kadıköy.
The windsurf lessons given at our school;

First windsurf approach
SINGLE lesson (1h and 1/2)

According to your level
BEGINNER course (5h) 2/3 days

Gear setup & wind teory, Rotations,
Sailing upwind, Beach start
ADVANCED course (5h) 2/3 days

İstanbul Windsurf School

Tack & Jibe, Water Start, Harness
ADVANCED course II: (5h) 2/3 days:

Get Planing, Footstraps, Power Jibes,
basic Free-Style elements
WAVE-RIDING introduction (1h and 1/2):

Person private windsurf lesson and for groups windsurf lesson

Come With Buddy For Fun and Windsurf

Come with buddy for fun and windsurf. Save % 40

We have a great team that can teach you, and advise you everything that has to do with this exciting world of windsurfing, no matter what your level or how much you know, our team will guide you from start to finish.

Come with buddy for fun and windsurf. Save % 40

Istanbul Windsurf Center – Caddebostan – Kadikoy – Istanbul

Summer Winter Windsurfing School/Rental Windsurfing Equipment/Windsurf Board Parking 0532 5413745