İstanbul Windsurf School

We are in istanbul. We teach windsurfing.
Istanbul is very good for learning windsurfing …
Perfect for different wind power, different locations, return to the starting point and advanced trainings …
Iwc Istanbul Windsurf Center; It serves in Caddebostan-Kadıköy.
The windsurf lessons given at our school;

First windsurf approach
SINGLE lesson (1h and 1/2)

According to your level
BEGINNER course (5h) 2/3 days

Gear setup & wind teory, Rotations,
Sailing upwind, Beach start
ADVANCED course (5h) 2/3 days

İstanbul Windsurf School

Tack & Jibe, Water Start, Harness
ADVANCED course II: (5h) 2/3 days:

Get Planing, Footstraps, Power Jibes,
basic Free-Style elements
WAVE-RIDING introduction (1h and 1/2):

Person private windsurf lesson and for groups windsurf lesson